The Shocking Truth About Health Insurance – Are You Covered?

Failure to know exactly what our health insurance covers could lead to financial ruin.

This is the lesson that author Hans Seiler drives home in his most recent blog.

Most of us take something as mundane as our health insurance coverage for granted. People who work for a large corporation and receive their policy through their employer perhaps have the least to worry about.

However, if you work for a small-time company, or especially if you are self-employed, it could be critical to your whole financial security that you examine in detail the exact nature of your health insurance coverage.

The self-employed author nearly found this out the hard way, when he changed carriers. After purchasing his policy from a nationally advertised company, he received a tip from another agent. This led to his doing the type of online investigation which actually should have been done prior to meeting with the salesman.

There were numerous articles on the Net revealing horror stories that many families had encountered with their coverage from this company. It took gut-wrenching ordeals and tedious law suits to try and extricate them from financial ruin.

Naturally, any sales agent worth his salt would have deflected these stories as being problems “in the past” which had been corrected since then.

The reality though, is that it took a line-by-line examination of the final policy itself to clearly reveal that the coverage was woefully inadequate. Instead of having traditional protection, as promised by the agent, where 80% of medical expenses would be paid by the company after the deductible, this policy provided surgical protection on only one incision per incident. If there was more than one incision, or multiple procedures performed inside a single incision, they would be covered at only 50% at best.

It is no wonder that so many families have been impacted by this “sham” health insurance coverage and those who misrepresent it.

Don’t be fooled by flashy or appealing media advertising. Once you have that policy in hand, it is not too late to extricate yourself from a potentially ruinous situation.